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August 2009

Summer Sale
Dear friends,

Just a small newsletter to let you know how things are going here: excruciatingly slowly! Herewith some notes on our merino sale, the DVDs, and the Sock Summit.

If you have not yet started planning your next knitting project, or just want to add some really delicious yarn to your stash, take a look at our 1-week Merino Sale, open to our website customers from Monday 24th August until Sunday August 30: See sale details.
We will take telephone and email orders.

The DVDs have continued to be a large prickly thorn in our side, we have run into a vacation Black Hole, and the new test discs have taken an age. One such disc was sent by the factory on Friday for us to review, but it must have been sent by delivery sloth, as it's not here yet; if I cross any more fingers, knitting will become impossible!
Whilst hanging in dvd limbo, I have been warding off major nail-chewing sessions by the application of therapeutic cottage renovations: the place is beginning to look quite different. I have sanded and varnished the main level floors, apart from the kitchen.
I discovered that Home Hardware would deliver a floor-sander to and collect it again from the ferry, which inspired me to rip up the huge beige carpet in the main room and go for bust. The varnish took a while to set in the cool moist conditions that we have been experiencing this so-called 'summer': I began to be concerned that it would remain eternally sticky, but, apart from the 2 1/2 foot square hole in the middle of the main room, the floors look great.
I have conducted a series of small-goods moves (driving a Mini distinctly limits my cargo-per-trip average), culminating with commandeering my son and his truck for a day to move some more substantial furniture to the ferry, into the cattleboxes, then into a friend's truck on the island, after which we got it into the cottage! I have now purchased my first pot of paint for the walls. You've guessed it, it's wild pink.
See the pictures below for a few scenes from the Big Move:

Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook

Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook Moving stuff to Tancook
The first day of the Sock Summit
The Sock Summit is all over now and wrapped up, but the afterglow lingers on! Take a bow Stephanie and Tina: what an amazing event with masterful, caring organization. I have been lucky enough to attend many knitting and fiber events, but never one with such a euphoric high energy level. As for the question,"will there be another Sock Summit?", my feeling is: how could one ever top the slate of teachers that they persuaded to attend?
I have shaken Barbara Walker's hand and sat next to her at the book-signing afternoon (she was far busier than I), so I was was in a position to hear all her fans paying her due homage. It was touching.
I also met Pricilla Gibson Roberts for the first time, a long-held wish of mine. She very valiantly battled her poor health to attend, and was assisted by several famous friends to ease her way.

I could go on and on name dropping: Cat B, Anna Z, Meg S, Nancy B, Sivia H, Amy D…. but you get the idea; I was honoured to be there. The students, too, were a treat. Rarely does one come across entire classes who have all knit socks, can use dpns or one or two circs with equal facility. You guys were too much fun, like little sponges absorbing every drop of information! Thank you all for coming.
The vendors were many and diverse: it was great to see so many familiar faces, new to me indi dyers, and local stores being represented. I tried to do my bit to fuel the yarn economy and went home with more goodies than I had anticipated. I had to weigh my suitcase before I reached the airport and dump a little paper. My test for an overweight suitcase is whether or not it can just be lifted with one arm!

Portland was a lovely venue for the Summit, an exciting city with a small-town feel and excellent public transportation. There are small stores rubbing shoulders with Nieman Marcus and loads of coffee shops. I had some time to visit the Art Gallery, but only managed the M.C. Esher exhibit and most of the second floor; there were a vast number of floors and a whole other building sadly left unvisited.

Well that's the news for now. DVDs will be here soon, enjoy your dog days of summer.
Happy stitches,


P.S. I've discovered geo-tagging! With the advent of Apple's new generation of I-photo I can now add geographical tags to all of my photos and track my progress around the globe. This has spurred me on to try and take pictures wherever I now travel.
P.S.2 For more pictures and ramblings, see my blog:

The Very Last Call for the DVD pre-release special offer!

Toll-free Order Line 1 (866) 272-7796

Buy the new DVDs now (and help me pay some of the production costs!) at $27.00 per NEW DVD title, PLUS we give you free shipping* and pay taxes (if applicable). (Pre-paid orders only, valid ONLY until the DVDs become available.)
*(Half-price shipping is offered to countries other than the US or Canada for this promotion).

If you would like to add any of our thirteen currently available titles to your order, they will be at the regular price of $29 + applicable taxes (Canada only), but free shipping*, as outlined above, will apply. (All discs will be shipped together as soon as the new ones arrive at the studio.)

The new DVDs:

Knitting Venus 1 = 978-0-9782898-7-4 (#14)
(Run time: 2 hours 18 min)

Knitting Venus 1 cover A multitude of high-tech (but easy to learn) tips and techniques for the enquiring knitter. Chapters include: Navaho-style yarn use (create a continuous triple strand from a single ball and discover how this may be used for colour blending or colour clarity), a generous assortment of useful knots for knitters, a variety of decreases (and their private side equivalent manoeuvres), how to handle alternatively mounted stitches, slick uses of marker yarn (including a no-bulk seam), a slew of sleeve tricks, and short-rows in the round.
See detailed index.

Knitting Venus 2 = 978-0-9782898-8-1 (#15)
(Run time: 3 hours 5 min)

Knitting Venus 2 cover The eclectic mix of skills for the dedicated knitter continues with: a multitude of uses for waste yarn to hold stitches and create openings in your knit fabric, a close look at scallop openings and the delightful fabrics that can be created with them, a comparison of a variety of double-start cast-on methods and their various strengths, along with an overview of the Venus Rising cardigan and its knitting architecture.
See detailed index.

The Brand New Knitter = 978-0-9782898-6-7 (#16)
(Run time: 3 hours 13 min)

Cover: Brand New Knitter A comprehensive guide for the never-held-needles-before knitter-to-be. Begin with the Basic Manoeuvres using both right and left hands, then learn further skills as you grow in confidence. These include: increases, decreases and joining yarns. Included is a full dissertation on the strange things that sometimes happen to a new knitter's stitches, and how avoid or fix these issues. You will also find an introduction to knitting terms and abbreviations, how to read a pattern, even cables and knitting in the round. Patterns are included to launch your on your creative journey!
See detailed index.

Currently available DVDs (13 of them!!):

Knitting Essentials 1 & 2
Sock Techniques 1 & 2
Knitting Gems 1, 2, 3, & 4
Finesse Your Knitting 1 & 2
Double Knitting Delight
Intarsia Untangled 1 & 2

New Product

We now have supplies of our new Lucy-style knitting bag available for $18. They are made for us by a local sheltered workshop that provides employment for mentally challenged adults. The workers are so delighted when you go to pick up your product and comment favourably on the results! It's a joy to go there.
The bag measures 14" x 10.5" x 5" and is ideal for holding a knitting project (or two) and features a hot pink knitting words design on stout cream canvas.
Lucy's new knitting bag
See larger picture


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