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November 2008

Anacortes, WA
Beautiful Anacortes, WA
Hello, friends!

This newsletter is as full of hope and good things as the economy is still doggedly tanking: we need something to cheer us up! The new developments around here are...

I'm back from another long teaching trip, but this was not the usual return home! The last leg of my return journey was interesting (understatement). The pilot dutifully tried to land in Halifax (I'm sure he knew I was looking forward to my own little kitchen and a pot of tea!): after a white-knuckle descent through rain and a howling gale, the wheels touched down on the Halifax runway but could not hold. Yes, the poor fellow had to abort the landing and return the plane, and us, to Bangor ME. The airline said they were sending us back to Newark. Help!!!
Well, I managed to arrive home next morning at 0130, without having gone to Newark: I teamed up with an enterprising customer and who hired a car (by phone from on the plane) and drove for 8 hours back to Nova Scotia. We would likely have spent several days in Newark as their 2 small planes per day were already oversold! (Of course, at the time it did not occur to me to think of what this poor traveller felt about being stuck in a car for 8 hours with a strange woman who had bright pink hair and was unable to find matching shoes!) I am just glad to be home.

Earlier this fall, my now very grown-up son, Sam (the Big Machines afficionado), had the opportunity to compete in a regional tractor-pull. He took his friend's venerable Farmall to victory; here is a photo of him pulling so much weight his machine is doing a wheelie!! Doesn't that look like fun?
Sam having a blast at the Tractor Pull.

Our annual December Open House, replete with hot mulled cider and cookies, will be December 6th, 1:00 to 5:00PM. Please join us if you can!

New Year Plans: The fabulous film crew (see earlier newsletters) will be showing up at my door on Jan 5th, 2009.
I am still working on the plans for our newest DVDs; one of them may well be a "Learn to Knit" disc, as I have had innumerable requests from those who are just beginning to explore knitting as a viable alternative to drugs for reducing stress (and saving money).

Bargain Prices: To return to the economy, have you noticed that now is a really good time to buy from Canada? Our dollar is doing a fine imitation of a nose-dive. So, if you happen to be in need of yarn or patterns to entertain you or your friends over the holiday season ...

Knitted gifts:
As a quick fabulous present, the Mini-Maxi Mitred Bags are great fun to knit as well as give (put in a box of chocolates, Addi needles, a pearl necklace, whatever your budget allows). Use your stash yarn for this project and you can feel downright virtuous!
If you are knitting for shelters for the homeless, the I.Q. hat is sure to be a welcome gift: both warm and attractive. Again, you could combine stash yarns to make these.

Warmest wishes for peace and good government,

PS. We currently have 12 inches of snow on the ground here in Halifax, and winter seems to have taken hold: it's knitting time!!

The long-awaited DVD reverse index is here...

We finally have a reverse index to the DVDs, allowing you to look up a topic by subject and then determine which disc you will find it on! We cannot add a search function at this time, but any other comments on how to make this index more useful are welcomed.

Patterns new and wonderful

Almost Saintly Socks

Almost Saintly Socks (#381)

The holiest of socks, our Almost Saintly Socks are done and ready for knitting by our sock-fiends.
Imagine: pre-holed socks!
Almost Saintly Socks
Venus Rising cardigan

Venus Rising

Venus Rising is very close to completion and should be available in a "Beta testing" version by mid December. (I'm still having a great time knitting them.) No seams, try it on as you knit. Absolutely addictive.

Ilga's new collection:
A series of knitting designs for urban living

shoulder capelet sweater poncho lace scarf shawl

A colourful shoulder capelet to adorn the evening.
A sweater poncho for cooler days.
A reversible zig-zag lace scarf in two versions: one for him and one for her.
A generous rectangular shawl, worked on the diagonal to give exquisite drape.

Anacortes, WA
Totem Poles, Anacortes, WA

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