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July 2008

Nova Scotia in summer
Greetings, fellow yarn lovers!

My apologies for the delay in this newsletter: some of you have sent notes asking if you've missed a Spun Yarn!! Sorry, but I've had a mad schedule with virtually no at-home time and even less writing time. This Spun Yarn issue has been written in installments, as you will see by the dates, and now that I'm home it's finish or bust!

I'm finally back in Nova Scotia for the summer! There have been some long, long tours this spring, including a mammoth 32-day, 10-state tour, as well as TNNA and a visit to Alberta (this time a mere 64 degrees Celsius warmer than my last visit). It has been a blast in more ways than one. Tornados seemed to be the weather of the moment from Wisconsin to Texas, but I was very fortunate in missing the worst of these storms.

Mid May:

I'm back home from warmer climes, and we have let our basement fire go out. I will now spend the rest of the month wearing many layers, and often a coat, indoors! The brave wear shorts and goosepimples. (This a truly Nova Scotia fashion statement.)
But never mind the chill, we can at last now hang out the washing without it becoming rigid before the pegs are in place. (For those unfamiliar with these conditions, bringing in frozen laundry is fun! Having succeded in ripping it free from its icy grip upon the line, you then proceed to stack it in a pile. When the teetering edifice is brought indoors into the warmth, you may then watch it slowly subside into the basket.)

In my brief time at home there is much to be done, most importantly hardening off some plants for the garden. If I wait until I get back from my next round of trips, I will have missed a vital three weeks of our abysmally short growing season. Nova Scotian plants have to have their running shoes on in order to make blossom before the frosts come again!
Having waited until the last moment before departure, I finally decide to plant out, and you guessed it: there was a frost warning that very night. But with the aid of newspapers and camping tarpaulins, the plants were saved on this occasion.

MacPassion ...
For those of you who have been following my rapid ascent into Mac computer- dom, the saga continues! I am loving my Macs, with a passion. (There is, of course, no one as rabidly enthusiastic as a recent convert.) Along with this enlightenment, however, certain other changes have been required.
Since the new year I have been engaging in intermittent skirmishes with my "Learn to use Illustrator" book and the program. Progress has been grudgingly infinitesimal, yet strangely encouraging. However, enter stage left: a heroine named Lynda. She's super cool.
Lynda has saved me. After only a week's acquaintance with Lynda, I am gathering speed, drawing charts and diagrams (some of which are still rather wonky) and loving it. I'm an Illustrator junkie now and you can look forward to rather more attractive diagrams in the future!
For anyone out there trying to get to grips with software, I simply must introduce you to her: She offers on-line video tutorials for a cornucopia of different software programs. These vary from 'How to use Itunes' to accounting packages, Solid Edge to Photoshop. Many of the videos are free and the remainder can be watched (as many as you can find time for) on any of the subjects for a modest monthly fee. I highly recommend this method of learning.

killer instinct It's off to TNNA in Columbus, OH. This is the trade show where shop owners go to see what is hot and new, and to selflessly do their shopping for you! Conventions, as some of you know, tend to be short on local colour: a taxi to the hotel, a daily commute to the convention center; that's about all you see of the location. However, I did spot this beautiful advert on a nearby building.
Oooh, I want to knit this...
Exciting news: I took advantage of this opportunity to connect with a number of my favorite designer friends whose kits and patterns are filling my retirement list. It then occurred to me that if I would love to knit these designs, you might, too. (And Ilga will have some company!)

Yes, we are adding to the range of products that we currently offer you: in the form of some of Vivian Hoxbro's wonderful kits made with Harrisville Shetland Yarns. Vivian, besides being a delightful sunny soul who sports amazing eyeglasses, has a joyful flair for colour. I have chosen three of my favorite kits to begin with (you might notice there is a tendency to towards holey-ness in my selections).
Knitters Angles by Vivian Hoxbro
Excuse me, but what's a Kauni?
What's in the box? Here is a yarn you will love! Even plain stocking stitch looks great with this yarn's very gradual colour changes. I first encountered Kauni yarn last year and have been happily experimenting with it ever since. It is Shetland-like in its hand, absolutely perfect for colourwork, especially anything you may wish to steek (cut). We have 8 colourways in stock, and are planning on more. To complement this fine yarn and lure you to sample its charms, I have designed the Fishtail Scarf. See below for more information about the pattern.
Unfortunately, Kauni comes with a built-in challenge for the retailer: the balls arrive in a variety of weights, and they all look different to one another, even when part of the same dyelot. But knowing well your adventurous natures, we have decided to brave the difficulties and we will be pricing the balls by their gram weights to be fair to all.
Lots of Kauni's
Gita Maria, you're too much fun ...
enameled silver sock pin
For your own or a very good friend's delight we have obtained some of the wonderful Gita Maria earrings, pins and buttons. These are most elegant and cheerful creations in enameled silver. The sock earrings are an especial treat, being three-dimemsional and double-sided, and showing many of the details of the traditional knitted sock that we know and love.

Once more, with feeling: "On the road again ..."

My travels this year have been many and rewarding, with a fresh crop of experiences and new knitters met. Here are a few highlights for you:

Plano, Texas:I have a fascination with cattle. I love cattle. I once took a Guernsey dairy cow called Alma to junior school with me (I was nine at the time and it was a pet show)....
Whilst visiting the Woolie Ewe, my lodgings were near an awe-inspiring tribute to the cattlemen that used to drive their beasts through this area. Photos cannot do justice to these incredible sculptures. Surrounded as I was by shopping malls and parking lots, I found it hard to imagine the ruggedness of driving cattle across these plains . How we have changed things in just over a hundred years!
very large animals
Pittsburg My second visit to Pittsburg, PA yet again endeared the city to me; here is Ernest taking in a little of its industrial history. As well as being architecturally interesting, the city sports friendly locals and Knit One, a great yarn store. WWKIP Day WW Knit In Public Day found me in Chicago, with a Spindrift Capelet on the needles.
Ernest and Oswald Knitch in Atlanta is another must-visit store; here is Ernest meeting the official greeter (whom I christened Oswald) at the door .
Whilst visiting The Fine Line Creative Arts Center I was treated to the delights of recumbent bicycles: sit back and relax,no sore butt. I could be hooked, but it is weird being at eye level with Labrador dogs!
OK, this is like riding a sofa ...
My own knitting has mostly been full of holes; I can't seem to get enough of them. This is probably a subconcious desire to create moth-warding-off magic: "Look, moth dear, there are already holes here, no need for you to bother." There are socks and a capelet in the works; the Fishtail Scarf (shown below in Kauni yarn) is now available.
As a special surprise when I got back, I found this DVD review on Clara Parke's Knitter's Review!

Wishing you all millions of contented stitches,


PS Late-breaking news!!
Tradewindknits has been gradually expanding, both in size and in product range, so over the next few months we will be undergoing a major website overhaul: the plans are to include more downloadable patterns, a search option, as well as shopping cart service and secure online ordering. (This will be a challenge for a certain webmistress!)
We will also have creations from some of my favourite designers to add to our star-studded line-up!

summer canoeing

New Pattern

Fishtail Scarf Fishtail Scarf by Lucy Neatby

A truly holey scarf, with a slender section to wrap cozily around your neck. The best part: the holes are made without the need to cast on or bind off, and the scarf requires no finishing. Perfect summer knitting!

Size: 60", adjustable
Yarn: 100g Fingering / Light sport. Pictured in Kauni EQ.
Techniques: Cable cast-on, Scallop decreases, Yarnover increases and lots of lovely holes.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Pattern price: $6 Cdn (See the Kauni special offer for a free pattern.)

Kauni wool yarns

This yarn is Shetland-like in style (perfect for steeked designs), woolen spun, and great fun to knit with. Hand-washing suggested. The yarn will full (felt) a little if required.

Suggested needle size: 3mm, 23 sts = 10 cm.
100% wool (8/2), 100g = 400m
Price:Balls range from 130 to 160g (approximately), $14.30 - $17.60 Cdn
All balls will be priced according to their ball-band weight!
All colourways are priced uniformly.
EQ : Golden yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green to golden again.
EK : Dark bottle green shading through limes to yellow.
EB : Dark chocolate and tabacco browns, through rust and grey-brown.
ER : Damask pink, chestnut to mid-brown.
EZ : Muted turquoise through to deep sea green.
ES : Grey blues from dark to light.
EJ : Blush pink to taupe and oatmeal.
EN : Light tan, oatmeal and biscuit.

Solid colours: (we will be adding to the range gradually).
RR5 : Mid warm leaf green
RR6 : Dark bottle green
RR7 : Mid lime green
RR8 : Lemon/lime
LL4: Deep raspberry
Kauni in colourway EQ

Special Offer (Spunyarn subscribers only, valid until Aug 31st 2008):
A FREE copy of either the Fishtail scarf or the Spindrift scarf pattern with the purchase of any two balls of Kauni.

We can also offer Ruth Sorensen's designs, many of which use Kauni. We can supply printed versions of:
Autumn: $12 Cdn Kauni requirements: 200g each in two colours
Anna Evilla: $12 Cdn Kauni requirements: 200g each in two colours
Hats (a collection): $17 Cdn Kauni: 50g each in two colours

For those needing immediate .pdf downloads, visit Ruth's site directly.

Gita Maria Jewelry and Buttons

Cheerful, lightweight and totally irresistible. Here is a sampling:
Gita Maria Sock Earrings, medium Sock Earrings

Decorated on both sides!
Weight: 3.5g per earring
Size: 2 x 2.5cm (0.75 x 1")
Price: $36.00 Cdn
Other colours available:
Light blue with purple and medium blue cuffs
Green with black cuffs and stripes
Tiny little Gita Maria Sock Earrings Tiny understated Sock Earrings

Weight: 1g each
Size: 1 x 1.25 cms (0.4 x 0.5")
Price: $24.00 Cdn
Colours as for larger sock earrings.
Gita Maria Sock Pin Sock Pin (this can be suspended from a cord as a pendant)

Weight: 11g
Size: Approx 5 x 5.5cm , (1.75 x 2")
Price: Introductory Special $24.00 Cdn (Regularly $32.50)
Colours: black/orange (shown); silver/green; blue/lime.

Knitters Hint
needle storage case

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