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SPUN YARN #16a: Late-breaking News!

Late March, 2007

Spun Yarn subscribers Special DVD Offer (Valid on all six new titles until April 20, 2007)

a green staff member We are thrilled to announce that today we have pressed the GO button for all six new DVD titles.
They are on their way to the manufacturers as this letter is being typed!
We REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY expect them in stock by late April 2007. No kidding.

Any of the SIX new titles may be purchased for $28.00 Canadian per DVD. (After April 20, 2007 they will be $29.00 Cdn plus taxes and shipping, which still gives you superlative value for your money!)

FREE SHIPPING, NO TAXES on all U.S. and Canadian orders.
50% discount on international shipping charges (please enquire as to exact shipping cost to your country).

For those of you who would like to be the first to own these discs, or feel seriously moved to help pay the filming costs, we are now accepting Prepaid Orders!

Many thanks,
The Tradewinds Team

"Hello, Tradewind Knits here.
May I take your order?"

Our staff takes being green very seriously!

To prepay your order via PayPal:

Please deposit the appropriate amount (listed to the right) to our PayPal account:

1. Login to PayPal to make your payment. Our account is at

2. Please give the full details (title names of DVDs) of your order on the PayPal payment form.
For this offer the costs are:

One DVD: $28.00 Cdn

Two DVDs: $56.00 Cdn

Three DVDs: $84.00 Cdn

Four DVDs: $112.00 Cdn

Five DVDs: $140.00 Cdn

Six DVDs: $158.00 Cdn (an additional $10.00 savings)


Sorry, just relaxing for a minute ... For Credit Card orders (VISA or Mastercard), please call our toll free number 1 (866) 272-7796 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you (AKA Mr. Cuddles!)

Credit Card orders may also be faxed to us at (902) 434-0345

New Titles and Chapters (more details on Chapter topics will soon be available on the DVD pages.
DVD cover Knitting Gems 1 (2h 03m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters) Applied edges Buttonhole Essentials
I-Cord Basics Cords, Braids and Bobbles
Presenting the Picot Family, Twists, Kinks and Bias
DVD cover Knitting Gems 2 (1h 45m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters) Becoming Ambidextrous, Steeks, Shapings and Scissors
Little Mysteries, Short Row Techniques
DVD cover Knitting Gems 3 (1h 46m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters) Beading Techniques, Cable Talk
Lace Basics, Yarn Handling Tricks
DVD cover Knitting Gems 4 (1h 54m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters) Cool Cast-Ons, Even More Increases
Daring Rescues, Odds and Ends
Fancy Bind-Offs
DVD cover Double Knitting Delight (2h 27m) (Rated for Knitting maniacs!) Tubes on Straight Needles Circles Within Circles
Cast-Ons, DK and Ribbing are Cousins
Bind-Offs From Single to Double
Shapings in DK From Double to Single
Pockets and Patches; Two Yarns, Two Sides, Two Hands!
Edges and Ends, Colour Patterning and Quilting
DVD cover Finesse Your Knitting (2h 16m) (Rated for passionate knitters!) Tubular Bind-Off Methods, The Afterthought Pocket
Grafting Stitches: Top to Top, The Magic Buttonhole
Perfect Grafting: Top to Bottom

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