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Winter, 2006

Dear Knit Buddies,

Here are just a few end-of-year announcements now that I'm finally docked in harbour and working on new things:

We are happy to announce that our holds are brimming with crates of all four of our new DVD titles! (Essentials 1 and 2, and Sock Techniques 1 and 2).

PS 1: If debating about ordering - remember shipping costs will be going up again in the new year: Good old Canada Post!
PS 2: Please buy my DVD's now so I can spend the money to make more DVD's to ask you to buy.

For those of you who aren't yet entirely convinced that you cannot live without these discs, we suggest that you request them from your local library (to assist you in this, we have designed a printable sheet which contains all the details that a library would need to obtain copies) which may accessed from the same web page as above.
If you have watched the discs and enjoyed them, we greatly appreciate your word of mouth support at your local yarn store and with your knitting buddies. (If you think they are just dreadful, don't tell your friends: tell us!)
By reaching a larger audience, we hope to gradually film an ever-expanding range of topics. I am on this very day working on a new filming list and hope to be filming again in the new year. I'm sure it will be easier and quicker this time (don't quote me - I'm just an optimist). We are currently pondering on a suitably "Nova Scotian" location for the introduction.........
Adventure Knitting 2007: At last our latest Adventure knitting plans have been hatched and revealed to the world. You'll be as delighted as I am with this year's location: We have found a suitably adventurous location on Salt Spring Island, just off Vancouver Island.
We plan to have a similar mix of knitting, fun and outdoor adventures as in Nova Scotia last year. The theme for this camp is "Socks: Ancient and Modern". For more information see
(Adventure knitting details will be posted on our website as they ripen.)
Susan and I also felt it was long overdue to say a big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that has been involved over the years (since 2001) in the Annabelle's Caps project. This extends to the many designers who donated their patterns, the proof-knitters, editors and graphic designers who donated their work, those who now keep track of the paperwork and OF COURSE the generosity of the knitting community at large who have purchased copies of the book. We continue to raise funds and have, at the last count, donated over $30,000 to various cancer care groups and hospices in Canada, the US and the UK.
Many guilds have raised funds for their local care centres with sales of the book, hat auctions and have donated countless wonderful hats for those in need. For those unfamiliar with this book: it is a collection of 28 exciting hat patterns and it may still be purchased for $30 + $5 postage from Lucy at the Tradewinds address (please note this is a strictly not-for-profit venture and all funds should be made payable to Annabelle's Caps). I am sure that Annabelle would greatly approve of our efforts to Knit the World Right!
I wish you all happy, peaceful, healthy holidays, wherever you may be,

(Please forgive me going on about the DVDs; it has felt like a 10 month pregnancy, but at least it was quads!)

Just for fun...
I am possibly the world's worst typist: these are some of my more successful (and rather Freudian) typos for you...
.. When attempting 'yarn'.

And you know that you are thinking too much about your knitting when:
You refer to your delete key as the decrease button.
You ask your children to clean the yarn scraps from their plates.

Knitting Hint - Dare to compare!

When you are debating with yourself about the very best way to knit up stitches, the most suitable decrease or buttonhole or any of the other myriad of choices we face as an engaged knitter, take a little time to play. Try the various different methods open to you. Preferably practice each in close proximity to another so that you can directly compare the results. Making a small swatch, looking at it, ripping and redoing it differently won't give you the necessary comparison.
I love it when at workshops the cry goes up "My goodness, you are right!" It's not that I'm on a power trip, wanting everyone to do things my way, but I do want knitters to explore their options and come to their own conclusions and if it happens to be the same one as I reached, that's cool. Different techniques work differently for different people so there sometimes is no 'right' answer, only the one best suited to you, your yarn and your knitting circumstances. Be curious, play with your stitches, make them smile!

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