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A Fond Farewell

Well folks, this is the final official edition of Spun Yarn News. Number 127.

Just to situate our run: Spun Yarn #7 came out in 2004. I can't easily pull up records before that time.

The whole process of wrapping things up has brought back so very many memories. It was the gift of a redundant DOD based computer with WordPerfect installed that enabled me to start writing patterns. My business start-up capital was $1000.00 from my husband. I didn't even have an office chair!

Poinsettia Shawl My first published pattern, the Poinsettia Shawl, was released in 1995. I drew the charts by hand on big squared paper! My friends at The Fleece Artist were kind enough to sell knitting kits featuring my patterns in their retail store in Halifax.

cut-and-paste In those early years, patterns were made 'copy ready' by printing the text, then hand-drawing the diagrams, which were added to the text pages using real cut-and-paste with scissors, and then finally adding labelling details. The pictures here show my Garden Path Vest (this one didn't make the digitization cut) with the carefully hand-drawn charts!
work intensive Once this master copy of the pattern was ready, it was stored in a large envelope down the road at the copy shop. I would then ring them as necessary and ask them to print a certain number of copies.
my kids were happy to help from the start Meanwhile, here at home, I made up photo sheets with 8-10 of the copies of the chosen pattern picture (taken on 35mm film, processed and then reproduced) pasted onto one 11x17" sheet. Next, the resulting pile of charts on 11x17" sheets, the pattern pages and the picture sheets were collected and organized. Now the patterns needed to be assembled: each 11x17" sheet had to be folded, and the stack of 8 1/2x11" printed pattern sheets were collated, the pictures were cut out with a guillotine and then stuck onto the pattern's cover page with double sided tape. Finally, the whole pattern bundle was inserted into a plastic sleeve.
Just imagine how disconcerting it would be to have a little gremlin become visible 30 seconds after having assembled 20 of these patterns!

As my children grew older, they began to take over the process but, amazingly, we were still working this way until at least 2008, when I began to realize that digital patterns were the way forward, thanks to some gentle prodding by Julia at Patternfish.

getting the last of the parcels out All right, I must stop this mulling like an old-timer and look to the future.

We've sent the last of the parcels to our customers and, although sales are now disabled, our lovely website will still available to you until mid-year. This gives you lots of time to download your patterns and virtual products. You can also take a screenshot of your owned products and request that they are transferred to LittleBarnStudio. My patterns and virtual DVDs will also be available for sale there!

Annekatrin will be offering introductory prices on my virtual DVDs, and is planning to bring back the half-price pattern of the week offer. Do sign up at her website! She has wonderful hand-dyed yarns and a selection of buttons on her site, as well.

I also plan to make occasional contributions to Annekatrin's newsletter once I have things untangled here.

Pease don't worry, though, as I don't plan to disappear completely: I will be offering some on-line workshops with Vogue Knitting, as well as at various guild/store events, and you will still be able to reach me at these places:

You'll also find my classes on Craftsy:

Many thanks to all of my team/friends who have worked with me over the years -- in no particular order: Stephanie, Corrie, Susan, Diane, Kathleen, Judy, Chris, Dawne, Julia, Hillary, Marsha, Knitting on the Wild Side camp assistants and roadies and knitting pattern models. My apologies for any omissions.

Thank YOU dear reader for your enthusiastic support over the years. I hope to 'meet' you all again one day! I've greatly appreciated your many messages and reminiscences, and hope to reply to you once the dust settles.

I'll see you soon! Wishing you happy and healthy stitches, and may the vaccination fairies find you soon!


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