beautiful view of Big Tancook Island!

getting outside with friends Apologies for the slight delay!
The hot steamy part of summer is drawing behind us. The sun rises further south-east, and it is lounging below the horizon a little longer with every passing day. Suddenly, there is a distinctly crisp feel to the air, which is prompting me to maximize my outdoor time. The cold and dark season is coming!

East Ironbound island. Big Tancook is the one that looks like a reflected comma Boating Adventures
John and I have had a few sailing adventures, including borrowing a traditional dory to make a trip to neighbouring Ironbound Island (further out in the Atlantic than Big Tancook) to visit a FaceBook friend who is a hooker, gardener, spinner and knitter. We had tried to get there last year, but weather and boats just didn't align.
what fun! The restored dory we were borrowing was one of the last built on the island (dating from around the 1970's). Dories were simple flat bottomed workboats designed to stack on the deck of a fishing schooner and then, when at sea, were rowed by the crew to fish remotely from the mother ship.

This particular one has an engine and, having not been in the water for a number of years, leaked like a sieve on its first launch (wooden boats shrink when they dry out). Amazingly, after her first launch, and leaving her with water inside for a few days, she 'took up' nicely. Then we needed to do engine trials and preparatory voyages before making the big trip to Ironbound.

red barn, Ironbound Island We eventually set sail for Ironbound with light airs, and had a warm sunny journey over. Ironbound has no year-round inhabitants or ferry service these days: it has such an air of historic solitude, and it is utterly gorgeous. The breeze freshened during our visit and exploration of the island. Heading home, we were plugging against the wind and the Atlantic swell. The boat performed very well in the lively seas but, by the time we reached our home harbour, not a single bit of my clothing was dry!
apple tree disaster My Apple Trees...
I experienced a deer assault on one of my precious new apple trees last week.
A young deer (one that I had formerly fondly referred to as 'one of the twins') decided to burrow its head under the bottom of my stockade. I had ended the wire about 10" from the ground (in order to make the cage tall enough) and filled the gap with a mixture of hand threaded wire and fishing twine thinking that this would be sufficient.
Hah! Not so.
At breakfast time, the handsome varmint was spotted wrigglig through the more open mesh at the lower edge of the tree cage. It was soon spooked, and a frantic panic broke out, with it rushing in circles and almost climbing up the wire. The deer eventually managed to break out, along the way dislodging most of the support stakes.
apple tree disaster The tree was a sorrowful sight: systematically stripped of all its lower branches and leaves. The beast can't have been there long, but the damage was dramatic.
18 months of loving care has gone into this tree and I count myself lucky that the trunk is intact and that the ravenous intruder hadn't consumed all the top branches! Lesson learned.
I spent the rest of that morning strengthening the defences with a sledge hammer and more wire!

join me for my Fiberside Chat! New Teaching Opportunities
I'm upping my technology here to allow for a few virtual appearances this autumn. You can join me for a Fiberside Chats through the Longmont Yarn Shop on September 26th 1100 MDT. I'll be talking about my double-knit journey.
This program is a collaborative venture between several enterprising yarn shops and a series of designers. It supports both the stores and the designers and is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to meet a great slate of fabulous knitters! I would love for you to join me there.

Craftsy is back! Craftsy is back!
Congratulations to the new folks at Craftsy! Although it's a new company entirely, they have reverted to the old Craftsy name. I'm so glad everyone's classes are safe and available again. Check it out: they are offering widespread free access to all past customers. You'll still find my classes there, as well as a multitude of other knitting courses and a plethora of courses teaching many other crafts!

a plethora of patterns! I have spent an age completing a list of all the double-knitting patterns I have written, with their included techniques/videos and estimated experience levels. Now I don't know what to do with the document... Email me at if you'd like a copy, I think they will help to inspire your double-knitting journey!

heavenly colours! Keep those stitches smiling.


New Patterns

Nomad DK Cowl

Nomad DK Cowl Kit and Knit Along by Lucy Neatby

Our Nomad DK Cowl Knit Along is coming along well - cowls are popping off the needles very successfully.
It's not too late to join: a lot of knitters have had summer distractions and are only now getting started.

The Nomad DK Cowl is a gorgeous, draft-excluding double-knit neck and shoulder warmer. It is worked from the decorative upper edge and can be continued until you run out of yarn!
The cowl is sufficiently stretchy to fit most folks, child to adult.
The kit includes the downloadable Nomad Cowl pattern plus 100g each of the 2 complementary Nomad yarns needed to complete your project.

Order yours now, then join our Knit Along on Ravelry!

If your local yarn shop is a Handmaiden /Fleece Artist stockist, you should be able to purchase a kit from them, as well.
Size: one-size
Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced
Price: $65.00

The Nomad Cowl is available as a stand-alone pattern at and Ravelry now, too!
Size: one-size
Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced
Price: $9.50

Sales at

Faroese Flower Shawl Remember to check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern.

We are featuring Lucy's beautiful Faroese Flower Shawl pattern this week.

A graceful, shoulder-hugging Faroese-style shawl, knit in one piece from the neck down. Features floral lace stitches and an unusual petal trim at the bottom. The perfect shawl for cool late summer evenings.

The Faroese Flower Shawl pattern is half-price ($4.75) until September 12,
Happy Stitches!

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