Last spring's apple trees are looking quite enthusiastic this year. One of them has beautiful rosy blossoms, what a lovely sight!

We are going through such heartbreaking times and we must all do our best to be compassionate, supportive and kind to all who are around us. I am trying to take the time to listen and learn. Here is an opinion piece written by a Black mother from Prince Edward Island that is worth a read.

Summer is here

safely planted looking forward to more healthy apple trees Gardening time is now upon us and, believe me, Nova Scotians can't afford to miss a minute of our short growing season! Before the pandemic, I'd never been home long enough for regular gardening, but I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to give it a whirl this year.
I took delivery of three bare-root trees earlier this month. These arrived in a long thin box, just twigs with soil-free tangles of roots all wrapped in damp sawdust. I was concerned about the stress caused by the extra delay of getting them to the island, so planted them as quickly as possible. The final instruction was to cut the height of the poor little twig by 1/3. It felt so horrible that I found myself apologizing to an apple twig!
It's probably fortunate that the weather has remained cool (for the most part!), to give them time to settle in a bit before the urge to shoot little green leaves overtaxes them.
Last spring's trees are looking quite enthusiastic this year. One of them has beautiful rosy blossoms, what a lovely sight!

last year's campers Sad News for September Campers
It was with a heavy heart that I spent significant amounts of my work-time this month unknitting the Knitting on the Wild Side 2020 Camp.
Fortunately, almost all would-be attendees were willing and able to slide their bookings forward by a year. Thank you!
It's so bizarre that our usually brim-full calendars are now almost universally empty. Normally, to reschedule an event, a new date would be a huge challenge. Not any more... we have all stopped, almost on a dime, what we were doing and hunkered down. It serves to prove that the hamster wheel of life can indeed be adjusted. This particular adjustment was rather drastic, reminding me of having a stick poked through the spokes of a moving bicycle wheel.

Nomad DK Cowl Come join my Knit Along!
I have decided to organize a different group knitting experience that will keep us connected, albeit from a suitable distance!
The great Nomad DK Cowl KAL is officially in the starting blocks. If the universe permits, we will start knitting this together in early August. The long lead time is needed to fill kit orders and to allow for shipping. Shipping time is uncomfortably unpredictable these days.
Please visit our new Nomad KAL group on Ravelry: join us and let's chat amongst ourselves whilst I try to get it all together. We'll post all updates on the KAL there. Just because I like to live dangerously, I'm planning to try my hand at a live feed or two, once we get going. (Yes, this is all new territory for me.)

gorgeous Nomad yarn In order to have a reasonably good chance of getting your kit in time, please make sure to place your order by the beginning of July. If your local yarn shop is a Handmaiden /Fleece Artist stockist, you should also be able to purchase a kit from them, as well.
Our first and second order of kit yarns from Handmaiden sold out quickly, and we are eagerly awaiting a third load of yarns!
If you have purchased a kit from us directly, your Nomad pattern will be placed into your Notebook at, as well as added to your Ravelry account, about a week before kick-off to give you time to nip into it and knit a swatch.
I am impatient to start knitting another one of these: I enjoyed the yarn so much, and to knit with the pattern already written will be a treat.

my time as a Craftsy instructor More Bad News
Another unexpected blow to the crafting community, both for the students and teachers, is the announcement that the Craftsy/Bluprint organization is closing. It seems a ridiculous and most inopportune decision, especially at a time when we are eagerly sucking up all the online classes we have purchased and now have the time to watch. This is the information I have received from Craftsy thus far.
Please do make plans to download your purchased materials. I will update you as I receive more news.

Ready to Come About What I'm Reading
I am into several excellent books, but today I'd like to concentrate on the autobiographical Ready To Come About by Sue Williams. This was a happy pre-pandemic find from a wonderful local second-hand bookstore, Doull Books. The author was leading a very usual Canadian life until a drastic family health event tipped the scales. she and her husband took the plunge and headed off to cross the Atlantic... she already had me completely hooked when talking of her preparations,

You know what the biggest risk is?" I said. "You'll never guess." Coleen began to answer. "Boredom!" I blurted out before she had a chance. "Honest to God. Not storms, not sharks - it's boredom!" "I repeated louder with more conviction." __"Surprising I know. Ironically having a knitting project will be more important than a life raft."

It was a good and inspiring read. I have contacted Sue Williams and asked whether she actually did knit anything...
"In answer to your question -no, regrettably I didn't get anything much accomplished on the knitting/stitching front while underway. But I've made up for that since. In fact, the cover of Ready to Come About is of an appliqué that I made as a memento of our trip on our return which, of course, thrills me to no end! :)"
In further discussions, it appears that it is Ms. Williams' husband who has now become a prolific knitter in his own right!

I can't resist this yarn and pattern como! Keep those stitches smiling.


A Call to the Needles!

A terrible blow that has hit the knitting world is the devastating fire that destroyed the homes of 38 people, one of which was that of Alasdair Post-Quinn He is actively fund-raising for one of his uninsured neighbours who has been left with nothing at all. Later on he would be very appreciative of help towards replacing all of his lost knitting samples. Please consider visiting his website and see what you can do to help out.

New Products

Nomad DK Cowl

Nomad DK Cowl Kit and Knit Along by Lucy Neatby

A Lucy Neatby/Fleece Artist Exclusive!

Join Lucy and friends while you make your own deliciously cozy cowl using the same gorgeous merino/yak Nomad Yarn Lucy used when knitting hers.

This kit includes the downloadable Nomad Cowl pattern plus 100g each of the 2 complementary Nomad yarns needed to complete your project.

The Nomad DK Cowl is a cozy, draft-excluding double-knit neck and shoulder warmer. It is worked from the decorative upper edge and can be continued until you run out of yarn!
Sufficiently stretchy to fit most folks, child to adult.

A series of 12 video links are included in the pattern to guide you every stitch of the way.

  • Link 1: Simulated in-the-round Swatching
  • Link 2: Bi-Colour Knit/Purl Cast-On
  • Link 3: Double Decreases
  • Link 4: Increases and Re-Sequencing
  • Link 5: Establishing and Using Markers
  • Link 6: Decorative Bind-off Row
  • Link 7: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Slip-Purl
  • Link 8: Fixing Common DK Errors
  • Link 9: Fixing Misplaced Increases
  • Link 10: Alternative Rotation Purling
  • Link 11: Avoiding Joggles
  • Link 12: Finishing and Neatening the Round

Pre-order your kit now for our special introductory offer, then join our Knit Along on Ravelry!

Size:light worsted
Skill Level:Intermediate to Experienced
Yarn: Nomad Yarn by Fleece Artist
Price: $65.00
Special Pre-Order Price:$60.00

Sales at

Star of the Seas DK Blanket Remember to check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern.
We are featuring the Star of the Seas DK Blanket pattern this week.

This gorgeous double-knit blanket pattern combines the delights of hand-dyed Malabrigo yarns with nautical and South American themes.
Including five integrated video links, instructional diagrams and stitch-map charts, this interesting, colourful and technically pleasing pattern will walk you through all of the steps necessary for creating your own stunning, fully reversible double-knit blanket!

The Fishtail Scarf pattern is half-price ($6.00) until June 27,
Happy Stitches!

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DVDs How about giving your knitting friends a class with me in their own homes? We are revisiting our popular DVD sale:
ALL of our DVDs are half-price! For $15CAD plus shipping (and tax, where applicable), you can own any of the "Learn With Lucy" instructional DVDs. Visit the DVDs page to order yours now!

Additionally, we are offering even deeper discounts on DVDs: any second DVD you order will cost $10CAD, and any additional DVD will be another $5. This special can be found on our clearance page--please specify your chosen titles and your mailing address when placing your order.
These in-depth and wide-ranging titles will have you knitting like a pro in no time!!

Video Download Specials

Brand New Knitter To encourage the development of a new hobby for those who need distraction, we are continuing with our Brand New Knitter Video Download for $1CAD and, for our seasoned knitting friends, all of the other Learn with Lucy Video Download titles have been marked down to half price ($10CAD each)!
Please do send photos of any new knitting projects you have embarked upon. We've seen some delghtful examples results already.

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Mymost recent contributions include some general finishing videos, which will be useful to all knitters. I will be adding to those through the summer!

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