Dreaming of simpler times

Dearest Knitting Friends,

Life is settling into a new "normal" here. John and I have developed a weekly shopping list, from which my daughter is kindly (and carefully) keeping us supplied. We hope to soon be sufficiently organized to make it stretch into a two week list, as this would reduce her exposure instances as well as our own.
It's been over two weeks since my return from Auckland, but our quarantine is not over yet. Our son, who returned from British Columbia a few days after me, is staying with us, so we will continue to maintain isolation for a bit longer.
Realistically, I don't anticipate much difference in our behaviour thereafter: we have to stay away from others to stop transmission of the virus.
My brain is still reeling at the enormity of the situation, but we must each take care of ourselves so as not to be a burden to the medical system, while we help a few others. We will overcome.

Adventure Mitten Night and Day Cowl I do miss the sensation of waking up (assuming one has slept) and feeling the desire to leap out of bed and get on with things. I find that it is super important to set daily goals to prevent myself from slipping into a kind of zombie limbo.
My new routine involves working on the knitting business until midday: as a self-employed person, I realize the importance of setting work-time limits.
This week, I am catching up with pattern writing. I've started by working on the Adventure Mittens and, now that I've finished knitting my prototype, the Night and Day DK Cowl pattern will soon get my attention. The Night and Day DK Blanket pattern is officially finished, with all links and page numbers checked. My dear tech editor Arden has never been so speedy! Thank you!

Creating Happy Stitches! The enforced at-home time is also letting me complete new videos for my You Tube channel, and I am finding some time to answer technical questions with a video answer. You can find my Lucyknit channel here.

quilt curtain wip I don't know about you, but I am a big fan of lists! This is my current list of things I'm working on (or plan to be working on) in the afternoons:

evening puzzle time keeping busy And, purely for pleasure, I am puzzling away my evenings. My 5000 piece jigsaw is progressing - maybe 4000 to go now. Now that all the pink and orange bits are done, progress will likely dwindle to a slow crawl.

pining for healthier times My suggested reading for this edition:

There you have it for this "new normal" way of life as we are coming to know it.
Wishing you all the very best, and do knit on!


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Now is the time to watch some of the more esoteric ones: Finesse 2 (never have trouble with button bands again) or Finesse 1 (my favourite) - complete with its 'horror' movie sneak scissor-attack on a piece of stranded knitting. I have enjoyed shocking many classes of knitters with this one. Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending.

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New Additions to my free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! I've been fielding a few technique questions and am taking the time to videotape some of my answers.

By special request, I uploaded how to Make 1 increases with and without Twists, These increases are very useful and worthy of a closer look. This clip shows how to make them with either right or left twists (and how to remember this), without a twist and on a purl row.

Double-knitters will enjoy watching as I demonstrate Bi-Colour Knit-Purl Cast-On in Pattern.
The Night and Day double knit Cowl is cast on in pattern to coordinate with Round 1. This video shows how to use two colour long tail (Continental) cast technique to create the appropriately coloured stitches in the desired knit and purl pattern without getting tangled up.

I'm using my quarantine time to help you create Happy Stitches!

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