an updated bathroom was in order!

Dear Knitters,

Renovating through the Seasons

the Fish Store The change to Standard Time is upon us, and it is now dark by suppertime.
Other intimations of winter: the first local snowfall was upon us last week. In deference to the season, I have temporarily abandoned my quest to complete the Fish Store renovation project. Three sides are done for now, with the exception of some new window frames (which will surely be tackled indoors over the winter).

setting up the tools This November has been designated 'tackle the bathroom' month. For the last 11 years, the shower has been in the very old, irreparably stained and chipped bath tucked under the eaves. I can just stand up under it but, for taller folks, it has been something of a challenge!
spreading out into the bedroom After much deliberation, a plan was hatched to annex a few feet of under-used space from the next door bedroom, so that a full height shower could be slotted in away from the eaves; all this in a house with only one toilet!

finding the floor below the floor below the floor... The logistics of the plan are being handled by John -- rather him than me! The first easy step was to remove the cosmetic click-and-stick flooring which I had laid years ago to disguise something nasty lurking underneath. This revealed stick on tiles. Underneath that was a chipboard subfloor. After this, we came to rough-hewn planks of no particular elegance but, thankfully, nothing more sinister. All this removing has been done thus far with the bath and toilet (we really do need it!) left in place and a, more or less, functional (if a little open) plan. The end wall framing has been removed and a future wall framed out.

ferry delivery serice! The bathroom is almost complete but, in the meantime,
every room seems to afflicted by the project! I had to head to the mainland and find a shower, floor tiles, and other things. Of course, with items of this size and quantity, a shipment to Tancook Island is not your 'normal' delivery! The local building supply merchant in Chester will, with a mere wave of a credit card over the telephone, helpfully deliver to the ferry dock. Then, on the next possible sailing, a pallet-load of supplies will arrive. After this, you just have to find a vehicle large enough to convey the supplies out to the house. John booked a ferry crossing for himself and the van. All of the items were successfully delivered from Dartmouth to my home on Big Tancook!
We are so grateful to the friends and neighbours who have been helping us throughout the home renovation process.

Our House Whale

she fits perfectly here I have chosen my whale artwork from Paul for installation next year. Violet, my 11.5' long sperm whale, had been patiently waiting on my stairs for her starring appearance on the Fish Store exterior for the last many years. With the doors having been enlarged to a more useful height, dear Violet found herself to be rather too large for the front wall. She has now claimed the role of a permanent stair-whale!

A Fun New Pattern!

a fun, top-down, multi-size delight! the original Hurricane Hat (and its twin!) was knit during the aftermath of Hurrican Dorian The multi-size, any-yarn, top-down Hurricane Hat pattern will be available very soon. I delivered some of the samples to Hillary via tractor and she is just finishing up the photos while I work on the last edits. During my last visit to the mainland to pick up more building supplies, I made the most of the reliable internet to upload the next thrilling instalment of the Hurricane Hat technique videos to my LucyKnitYouTube channel. If you sign up, you will receive notifications every time I post a new free video.

Knitting Camps in 2020

I've chosen the dates for my Knitting on the Wild Side Camps in 2020 --- we will be welcoming campers from September 12th to the 18th, and again from the 19th to the 25th. We will be providing more details soon, signups will open in January!

And now I must dash -- I'm being recalled to the job site to thread wires and pull on things!

Happy Stitches,


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Happy Stitches!

New Additions to my free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you've already seen that I added several free videos this autumn!

The Big Rip and and Fixing a Pulled Thread feature two of my centre-out doubleknit blankets, while the Hurricane Hat I-cord Start and Rnds 2 and 3 and Hurricane Hat - Making Double Increases will walk you through some of the techniques I use when knitting the Hurricane Hats!

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