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Dear Knitters,

Ski Trip to Quebec

skiing in Quebec In February we rendezvoused with a few friends for our annual ski trip just outside of Quebec City. We had a glorious time! The conditions were perfect, with snow by the foot. A couple of major and spectacular snowstorms had us viewing the mounting piles with delight! (Funny how different it is when you are there to play in it, and someone else is responsible for clearing the drive...)
We rented the same house that we've booked in previous years: this large home boasts a fantastic kitchen, lovely bedrooms and shared spaces and, most decadently, a seriously inviting hot tub. Big windows look out onto a gorgeous landscape. What indulgence!
A highlight of this year's trip was the day Kathy and I rented powder skis and spent the day on an ungroomed trail that we had largely to ourselves at Le Massif. It was stunningly beautiful and great fun. We survived with limbs intact!

New DK Blanket

Pyramid Blanket Of course I brought a few current knitting projects along! My Egyptian-inspired double-knit Blanket is coming along nicely, I've nearly completed the ankh and scarab motifs. With this project, I am using glorious locally dyed yarns from the talented folk at Handmaiden Fine Yarn: the Casbah gradient packs are lovely to work with! It will be possible to make kits available for you once the design is complete, should you feel the urge to indulge.

Digging out after the snowstorms

leaving Tancook I spent the last two snowstorms happily ensconced on Big Tancook Island, what a spectacular experience! Now if only the snow would have melted by the time I made it back to the mainland... After taking the ferry back on the afternoon following one such major snow event, I found myself at the car park to survey the damage. This photograph says it all! Suffice it to say, I was congratulating myself for having thought to bring my island shovel with me, as there was no way I could possibly get to the one in the car. So much snow! Thirty-five minutes of vigorous shovelling in springlike sunshine, and I was on my way home.

Rug-hooking projects/dyeing fabric experiments

dyed wool samples I'm afraid that I tumbled head-first down another rabbit-hole this winter. I am having such fun designing and creating new rugs, and have recently discovered the wonderful world of dyeing my own fabric. I especially love brightly coloured fabrics (surprise!!), which I am now able to create to my own preferences. My experiments with colour blending and gradient dyeing have been very engrossing. I'm using Majic Carpet Dyes from Wanda Works.
Octopus Rug I am also working on making my original rug patterns available to you, beginning with the Crab and Octopus designs. Please contact us if you're interested in buying one of my hand-drawn canvases!
Never fear, these new hobbies are not keeping me from my knitting: hooking and dyeing are more of daytime activity for me, and I mainly knit at night.

Upcoming Rughooking Day

Open Hooking Day My friend Hetty Gurp (she who lured me into the wonderful world of hooking and fabric dyeing) and I have organized a rug-hooking/textile day on Big Tancook Island on April 28! All textile twiddlers are welcome, and it promises to be a wonderful time. Spring is especially beautiful on Tancook (the roads should have recovered from their current washed out and soggy state by then), with young plants making an appearance, buds on the trees, and flowers starting to bloom. I'd love to have you join the fun! If interested, please contact us at for more detailed information.

My Newest BFL Sport Creations

a gorgeous selection of colours! We have some custom colours in gorgeous BFL Sport yarns dyed for us by Handmaiden Fine Yarn, which have recently inspired me to begin the design of a new double-knit hat. I ordered our first large batch of this yummy yarn for my 2018 Tancook campers, who came up with delightfully creative ideas for their camp projects. We all agreed that these are fantastic yarns to work with!

Colour Me Happy Hat After camp, I was still full of enthusiasm, so I designed the Colour Me Happy Hat using a multitude of bright, cheerful colours of these same yarns. If you need a spring pick-me-up of warmth and brightness, we have created two yarn packs for the Colour-Me-Happy hat, featuring the same yarn I used for my samples. The "Bare Bones" yarn pack includes 4 50g skeins of custom-dyed BFL Sport, and the "Extravaganza" includes 10-15g of 12 additional colours. The Bare Bones yarn pack will provide you with enough yarn to knit 2 hats, while you'll be able to knit 3 (or even 4 small hats) with the Extravaganza pack.
Contact us at to order yours!

Atlantic DK Hat I used another colour palette of this lovely yarn to create my new Atlantic Hat. This one features a completely different design: double-knit for warmth, with textured stitches in the brim pattern and organized random decreases to shape the crown -- but not interfere with your pattern motifs. I'll show you how to handle this concept as part of the pattern.

Pluto visits Dartmouth and Tancook

Pluto in Dartmouth Pluto, the now grown-up kitty, feels right at home both at our Dartmouth house and on Tancook Island! Although he is technically an indoor cat, we've rigged our back deck into a most wonderful cat-io! (We will be adding cat-io furniture, of course.) Net fencing now keeps him from escaping, all while providing him with his much-desired outside time. We even added a cat door, which he has eventually puzzled out (he still doesn't fully trust it). he loves the snow! Pluto has no fear of the cold: you'll find him sunning himself on even the most wintry of days!

Soon to Come...

loving the snow! Details of my 6 day July teaching agenda at River City Yarns can now be found at I'm stopping there on my way to join my Adventure Knitting Camp in the North West Territories. If you'd like to experience some of the wild Canadian North with me, contact Judy!

Keep an eye on my social media platforms for an upcoming announcement. I have some exciting news which I can't wait to share this spring!

Wishing you all the very Happiest of Stitches,


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Celestial Merino - Mermaid
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Happy Stitches!

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Check out Darned Balanced Mid-Row Join , No-Bulk Applied Edge and Circular Cast-On Edges for a peek at some of the techniques I've been recording this winter!

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