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Dearest Knitting Friend

knitting on Tancook Covid-19 has caused us all to think deeply about life. Those of us fortunate enough not to have become ill have been motivated to take stock of how we are living and what we would change to improve these precious hours.
I have decided to close on December 31st 2020.
I would like to spend more time on teaching and designing, which I love, and less time on the frustrations of dealing with taxes, book-keeping, website technical issues, PayPal stuff, and general administrative drudgery.
All of us at Tradewinds, Lucy, Corrie and Stephanie have greatly appreciated your custom over the years and do not wish you to lose a thing.

There is plenty of time for you to download and save your purchases, but please do not delay! I wish to ensure that you will not lose any of your products in your Notebook due to our closing! Below are the instructions for downloading your patterns, ebooks, tutorials and DVD videos, which will have to be completed by December 31st 2020.
Corrie my wonderful friend and web site creator has made this as simple as possible.
Please take time now to download your products. The videos will take a while to download if you have a large number of them.

Wishing you Happy and Healthy Stitches,

Where's Lucy?
I don't plan to entirely disappear. You will still be able to find me on, my YouTube channel LucyKnit, KnitStars 4.0, and contactable via Ravelry. Please stay in touch, as I would hate to lose you.
It may not be possible to reach everyone of our customers individually, so please share this message with any friends that you believe may have products here on

Mac / Windows Computer users:
Login to your Notebook at
Open a tab (Pattern, DVD Videos, DK Club, Tutorials, eBooks etc) and click the Download Icon at the left edge of each topic. (The DVDs may be downloaded in Chapters or topic by topic.)
A text box will appear. Select the Save File option and your download will go to your Downloads folder. Repeat for each item you wish to save.
Subsequently, open the Downloads folder, and drag/place your files into a new labeled folder on your computer and / or onto a USB dongle or other external drive.
You can, of course, also print patterns and the text items to paper.

Tablets and I-pads:
Login to your Notebook at
Open a tab (Pattern, DVD Videos, DK Club, Tutorials, eBooks etc) and click the Download Icon at the left edge of each topic. (The DVDs may be downloaded in Chapters or topic by topic.)
Check the download box above the file and choose a storage destination.
There are many storage options available to you. Your hard-drive, thumb drives or third party clouds such as Dropbox. For owners of virtual DVDs you will require more space the file sizes are shown for each topic.

Lucy's Second October Newsletter

Spun Yarn 125 Lucy's Second October Spun Yarn newsletter is now available.

It's time to make some big changes at Tradewind Knitwear Designs and we want to share the news with you first.

Wishing Happy Stitches to all of you!

Learn with Lucy

Brand New Knitter DVD The Brand New Knitter Video Download is $1CAD until things get back to normal!

We've all been practising our social distancing and are hunkering down for the time being. Unfortunately, the office will be closed during the next two weeks while we self-isolate. While we are still happy to take your orders, they will not be filled until we are back in person

In the meantime, we will be offering Lucy's Video Downloads at a reduced price! The first title is Lucy's Brand New Knitter, which will be sold for $1CAD for the duration!

This title will take you step by step through the process of learning to knit, with an emphasis on building a solid base of knowledge and understanding, so that you will feel in control and ready to experiment.

Check back often, as more of the Learn With Lucy Video Download titles get reduced to half-price,
Happy Stitches!


Fiesta Bundle Bundles are collections of pdf patterns, patterns plus tutorials or eBooks and related patterns which we will be offering at a reduced price. Some will be permanent, but watch for our Limited Time Offers, as well. This section is always growing, so please check back often!

Lucy's Double Knitting Technique Club

DKTClub It's never too late to join Lucy's Double Knitting Technique Club! Find it under Shop => Knitting Clubs! For chat and support, join our club-related Ravelry Forum, Lucy Neatby's DK Technique Club.

Who Are You Knitting For?

Community Care Bundle We've created a special Bundle for those knitters with some extra yarn in their stash and a need to "give back"!
These straightforward patterns are infinitely suitable. Whether you're considering a homeless shelter, a care facility or a family in need, donating one or more projects made from these patterns will be perfect!
Our only request is a photo of your finished project in our Ravelry Neatby Knitters Group. Let's see how many socks, scarves and hats we can make for those less fortunate!

Security tip

Play it smart: do not use the same password for different sites, and always monitor your credit card statements.
If you use a different password for each site you log in to, should your email or password get hacked, your bank account will not also be hacked. Thieves are used to people being lazy and re-using their passwords!

Subscription Service

Subscription Service Did you know that we offer a Learn with Lucy subscription service? Just choose the DVD or downloadable video versions of the titles you'd like and we'll send them to you on a monthly or bimonthly basis. See the DVD section for more information!

In the USA?

Unfortunately for us, the Canadian dollar is still very low! Fortunately for you, since our prices are in Canadian dollars, this means a 30% savings on every product for all US knitters. Please enjoy it, and Happy Knitting!

Our Shipping Schedule

As a small business, we are not able to handle packing and shipping every single day. Our schedule: We ship out yarns, books, DVDs and kits on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Thanks for your understanding!

Lucy's YouTube Videos

Lucy's YouTube Channel Did you know that you have instant access to all of our free videos through your Notebook? Just click the YouTube tab to see them all!

Notebook icon To enjoy the membership extras: Register, enjoy! Your NOTEBOOK is your personal place on our site, where all your patterns, videos and eBooks are always on tap, always in the latest version.

Our Best-Selling Pattern: the Sea Lettuce Scarf!

Sea Lettuce Scarf The Sea Lettuce Scarf is still our most popular pattern, ever. Have you tried it yet? It's a lot of fun to knit, and not difficult. We have seen it made in almost every kind of yarn, and it always looks gorgeous and often incredibly dramatic. Knit in silk, it has a life of its own!

Website Hint:

QR code For some high-tech fun, check out the latest addition to the Notebook tabs: QR Codes. Generate a knitting pattern for a QR Code that can be read by a smartphone. Deliver a link or a personal message. (Be warned, the longer the message, the more complex the chart.) How about "I love you" on a scarf? Or "I am a geek!" on an iPad case?

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Lucy's Craftsy Classes: Enroll now!

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"Lucy's designs are so tempting -- knit, learn, have fun, knit some more, learn some more, admire the design, learn, knit, admire the colours you've chosen ... until you have something amazing that's a Lucy-and-you creation."
Gayle Clow

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