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This Week's Half-Price Pattern

Paradoxical Mittens

Lucy's Paradoxical Mittens pattern is half-price this week.
Get a head start on your holiday knitting with these beauties!
This dramatic, yet elegant, pair of mittens was inspired by a traditional African woven pattern and turned into an ultra-warm mitten fabric by an English knitter in Nova Scotia.

The Paradoxical Mittens pattern is half-price ($3.75CAD) until October 19,
Happy Stitches!

KnitStars 4.0

Alpaca My Bag! Please join me and a star-studded group of fibre folks at KnitStars 4.0!

This intimate and long-lasting program allows you to attend ten master classes with designers, teachers and fibre producers from around the world, all without leaving your home! Membership includes many perks and bonus patterns!
I am so excited to have been included in this project and can hardly wait to show you the footage of my Tancook Island home. I'm also eagerly anticipating the South American footage, as well as the other designers' offerings. The film quality is so superb that it will give you a real taste of all of these diverse lives.

Please use my affiliate link to discover more about KnitStars 4.0! (If you later enrol having used this link, I will earn a little extra from your sale)
I'd love to see you there!

October Newsletter

Spun Yarn 108 Lucy's October Newsletter has been released. Click on the link for an exciting announcement!

New Additions to the Website

Pyramid Blanket

Lucy added several new items to the website last month!
Her beautiful centre-out double-knit Pyramid Blanket was inspired by the lovely sets of gradient dyed Casbah yarns created by Handmaiden in Halifax. The workshop-in-a-pattern features a full written pattern with photos, Stitch-Maps charts, diagrams and fourteen video links.

Lucy also added an altogether different type of pattern to the website in June: her original rug designs are available for purchase at the website now! Hand-drawn on primitive linen with sewn raw edges, these patterns will keep the creative juices flowing!

And finally, we have added another pattern designed by our creative friend Julia Watt! The Snaking Cables Sweater is a seam-free, top-down sweater featuring an intricate, all-over cable pattern with integrated bust and hip darts to flatter the fuller figure.

Check them out: your summer project awaits!

Clearance Sales

Sale DVDs

Check out our 2-for-1 DVD Specials!
Buy two bestselling "Learn With Lucy" DVDs for the price of one. Lucy's teaching style will have you knitting like a pro in no time!! (Tax and shipping not included)
Check out our Clearance Page for more details.

Spun Yarn Changes Ahead

SpunYarn Changes

Our old mailing list software has become dated and unmaintainable, and we have decided to move over to MailChimp. In order to make this happen, we ask that you please sign up afresh if you would like to continue receiving Lucy's Spun Yarn newsletter. Just send us an email at and we'll add you to the new mailing list, we do not want to lose you!


Fiesta Bundle Bundles are collections of pdf patterns, patterns plus tutorials or eBooks and related patterns which we will be offering at a reduced price. Some will be permanent, but watch for our Limited Time Offers, as well. This section is always growing, so please check back often!

Lucy's Double Knitting Technique Club

DKTClub It's never too late to join Lucy's Double Knitting Technique Club! Find it under Shop => Knitting Clubs! For chat and support, join our club-related Ravelry Forum, Lucy Neatby's DK Technique Club.

Who Are You Knitting For?

Community Care Bundle We've created a special Bundle for those knitters with some extra yarn in their stash and a need to "give back"!
These straightforward patterns are infinitely suitable. Whether you're considering a homeless shelter, a care facility or a family in need, donating one or more projects made from these patterns will be perfect!
Our only request is a photo of your finished project in our Ravelry Neatby Knitters Group. Let's see how many socks, scarves and hats we can make for those less fortunate!

Security tip

Play it smart: do not use the same password for different sites, and always monitor your credit card statements.
If you use a different password for each site you log in to, should your email or password get hacked, your bank account will not also be hacked. Thieves are used to people being lazy and re-using their passwords!

Subscription Service

Subscription Service Did you know that we offer a Learn with Lucy subscription service? Just choose the DVD or downloadable video versions of the titles you'd like and we'll send them to you on a monthly or bimonthly basis. See the DVD section for more information!

In the USA?

Unfortunately for us, the Canadian dollar is still very low! Fortunately for you, since our prices are in Canadian dollars, this means a 30% savings on every product for all US knitters. Please enjoy it, and Happy Knitting!

Our Shipping Schedule

As a small business, we are not able to handle packing and shipping every single day. Our schedule: We ship out yarns, books, DVDs and kits on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Thanks for your understanding!

Lucy's YouTube Videos

Lucy's YouTube Channel Did you know that you have instant access to all of our free videos through your Notebook? Just click the YouTube tab to see them all!

Notebook icon To enjoy the membership extras: Register, enjoy! Your NOTEBOOK is your personal place on our site, where all your patterns, videos and eBooks are always on tap, always in the latest version.

Our Best-Selling Pattern: the Sea Lettuce Scarf!

Sea Lettuce Scarf The Sea Lettuce Scarf is still our most popular pattern, ever. Have you tried it yet? It's a lot of fun to knit, and not difficult. We have seen it made in almost every kind of yarn, and it always looks gorgeous and often incredibly dramatic. Knit in silk, it has a life of its own!

Website Hint:

QR code For some high-tech fun, check out the latest addition to the Notebook tabs: QR Codes. Generate a knitting pattern for a QR Code that can be read by a smartphone. Deliver a link or a personal message. (Be warned, the longer the message, the more complex the chart.) How about "I love you" on a scarf? Or "I am a geek!" on an iPad case?

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"Lucy's designs are so tempting -- knit, learn, have fun, knit some more, learn some more, admire the design, learn, knit, admire the colours you've chosen ... until you have something amazing that's a Lucy-and-you creation."
Gayle Clow

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